Ghosting: The Ultimate Silent Treatment

Why would someone drop all communication with a person they’re starting a relationship or friendship with? Check out the following video and continue reading to find out! Ghosting isn’t a new trend, but it is becoming increasingly popular among younger… Continue Reading →

Can beauty be explained through math?

What makes something beautiful? What if we told you beauty could be explained through math?

5 Things They Won’t Tell You About Clickbait!

OMG! Number 3 is shocking!

Water Bears’ Contribution to Science

Tardigrades, one of the smallest and cutest animals on the planet, play a big role in science research: they help promote human life.

Why are hurricanes getting stronger?

The past three hurricane seasons have been some of the most destructive on record, with 2017 being the costliest hurricane season ever. This growing trend in hurricane intensity begs the question: why are hurricanes getting stronger? The answer deals with… Continue Reading →

Halloween Video Special! Get Your Spook on!

Check out MindBlown’s hilarious new video post to take a glimpse at the science behind fright. Prepare to be terrified!

Why science?

MindBlown asked Saint Mary’s science professors to share their thoughts on everything from why they chose science to how they would use their skills to escape a desert island. Check out the link below to see what they had to… Continue Reading →

Crypto Craze

Heard about Bitcoin yet? Thanks to its soaring rise in value, Bitcoin is the latest hot topic.  What you may not know is that Bitcoin uses the mathematical science of cryptography to work. That’s right,  Bitcoin relies on science.

The Perfect Bracket is Possible… Kind of

Back in 2006 when I was 11 years old, I told my dad that the Florida Gators were going to win March Madness.

ASMR: Rainbow Slime

Get in on the trend that has everyone talking…

MindBlown asked, you answered: Do we still need feminism?

A week ago, International Women’s Day urged us all to #PressforProgress and keep the momentum going in the struggle for gender equality. In response to this year’s #PressforProgress campaign theme, MindBlown asked you – the students and faculty at Saint Mary’s… Continue Reading →

The Secret Law of Language

What if I told you there was an element of predictability to how we speak and write?

This is your brain on LOVE ❤

The science is in: You might be “addicted to love”

What’s an OLED?

Check out this new tech trend that may already be in your pocket… Today’s world is abuzz with a stream of new technologies, and flashy tech like the iPhone X and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 are bound to catch the eye.

Which amino acid are you?

Take this quiz to find out.

Holiday Special: Thermite Reaction

Find out what set off those fire alarms…

Lost in Light

The pollution you never thought you’d have to worry about…

You can be as good as Will Hunting

It’s easier than you think.

Is your tryptophan-filled turkey making you tired?

Find out if bringing on this Thanksgiving staple will put you to sleep, or if we can bust this myth once and for all.

Give Thanks. Be Happy.

No, literally. Expressions of gratitude can rewire your brain.

Don’t show any turkeys these holiday stats…

They might just run away.

Computer of the Future

Your A-I nightmares are one step closer to reality.

Green Fire Jack-o-Lantern

Learn this two-ingredient trick for an extra spooky Halloween.

**Trigger Warning: Suicide**

This is the deadliest song in history.

Four Spooky Sea Creatures to make your Halloween Scary…

You wouldn’t want to run into these guys in a dark alley…

Welcome to MindBlown

Welcome, fellow Cardinals, to MindBlown, a blog where students representing the five major areas of science come together to show science-in-action through short posts and videos.

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