Your AI nightmares are one step closer to reality.

Engineers at the California NanoSystems Institute have taken the first step in creating a computing system modeled after the human brain. Rather than a controlled structure of precisely engineered silicon and copper like a modern CPU, their creation is a dense mesh of interconnected silver nanowires that loosely mimic the synaptic structure of the human brain.

This pseudo electric brain has already demonstrated the ability to solve some basic computations, and researchers believe this kind of design may have the potential to solve complex problems much more efficiently than a traditional computer.


The greatest benefit of all, however, may be its potential to run on a fraction of the the electricity of a traditional CPU. If future computers come close to this level of efficiency, it would be a monumental breakthrough. Not to mention portable electronics would see their battery life increase by leaps and bounds!


Exciting as this development is, it’s still a long way off from any real computing. But the potential for this invention is huge. In the not so distant future, we may see computers modeled after the human brain reshape the world of technology as we know it…