You wouldn’t want to run into these guys in a dark alley…

I have thalassophobia (an irrational fear of the ocean). Do you? I don’t think my fear is irrational, though, since I’ve seen creepy things living in the depths! Horror movies talk about zombies, vampires, and other fictional monsters, but the scariest monsters live beneath the surface of the sea!

The first on our list of scary sea monsters is the Deep Sea Dragonfish.


The Dragonfish can be found up to 5,000 ft below the sea surface. This fish is a small 6 inches long, but don’t let its size deceive you; it can eat animals many times its size since its mouth opens to a startling 120° angle. It also has extensive sharp teeth including teeth on its tongue.

The next creepy creature from the deep is the Gulper eel.


The Gulper eel has been called the Pelican eel due to the large pouch under its mouth. At about 3 to 6 feet, it can eat prey much larger than itself that it attracts with its pink bioluminescent tail. It can be found up to 1.8 miles below sea level in both temperate and tropical waters.
Our next two eerie animals seem to be closely related but are actually very different animals.


The Giant Squid


The Giant Squid is the longest cephalopod known to man. This animal averages a length of 33ft (about the length of a school bus) and a weight of about 440 lbs. Their eyes are 12 inches in diameter – about the size of a beach ball. The largest recorded specimen was 59 feet long!
Colossal Squid


The Colossal squid is known for the rotating hooks it uses to catch prey instead of suction cups.

The largest recorded Colossal squid was 1,091 lbs and was 15 feet in length, but it had a much smaller beak than previously found beaks, indicating that considerably larger specimen exist.

Now, how about that deep sea diving expedition you were planning? Maybe not…