A week ago, International Women’s Day urged us all to #PressforProgress and keep the momentum going in the struggle for gender equality. In response to this year’s #PressforProgress campaign theme, MindBlown asked you – the students and faculty at Saint Mary’s – to weigh in on a pressing debate: In 2018, do we still need feminism?

The results are in, and popular opinion from this poll says . . . . . . YES! Of the 83 total responses to the poll, 66 of those responses (79.5%) indicated that, even in 2018, we need feminism.


We need to acknowledge that, scientifically speaking, this study didn’t have the most conventional research design. We used a convenience sample, and the results were most likely influenced by response bias. But the purpose of this project was not to design a perfect study; it was to start a dialogue. And students and faculty had a lot to say.

If you’re not sure why we might need feminism in 2018, here are some places to start:

In 2018, we need feminism because:

  • Women are still sorely underrepresented in power positions – such as the ones that comprise our government
  • The wage gap still exists
  • Street harassment is still a part of many women’s daily reality
  • Victims of rape and sexual assault are still being blamed for their own victimization
  • Men are still held to unattainable standards of masculinity
  • Gender disparities still exist in healthcare systems across the globe
  • Rape prevention tips are still being directed at victims, not perpetrators
  • The experiences of women of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and more, are still being ignored and disregarded in mainstream efforts to combat inequality
  • Above all, we still need feminism because even despite these issues, people are still asking if we really need feminism.

What do you think?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts on why we do – or don’t – still need feminism.